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Longevity Program

Week 5: De-load (optional)

Days 1-3-5: 

As Many Rounds For Quality in 15-20 minutes:

Tempo Goblet Squat x5 (5,0,5,0) @ 15-30#

Plank Hold + Opposite Reach x5 each

Jefferson Curl x 5 @ 15-30#


Days 2-4-6:

Rucksack Walking x30-60 minutes

***wear a weighted vest or backpack filled with weights***


Day 7: Total Body Recovery

1 minute each: 

Neck rolling

Neck range of motion (ROM)

Lat/Pec/Thoracic rolling

Prayer stretch

Low back/Glute rolling

Pigeon stretch

Calf/Hamstring rolling

Posterior chain ROM

Adductor Rolling

Frog Stretch

Quad/Shin Rolling

Anterior chain ROM

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