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Doctors of Physical Therapy Helping You Achieve Your Goals

We created this brand to provide value for people like you, and to help you live your life to the fullest.  

We started this idea by first noticing that many athletes had poor weightlifting technique, so we wanted to provide a resource that they could use in order to improve technique and continue to grow stronger without injuring themselves.  We also noticed that many of our patients had a desire to change their lives for the better, but were struggling to get a foothold on where to start or how to go about changing lifestyle habits in order to achieve their goals.  This is when we decided to go all-in to serve everyone from high level athletes to those who have not exercised in years.  We created this website and organization so we can serve your needs and help you move better through life.  

Becoming a member will help us connect with you and provide an opportunity to customize your fitness experience and address any limitations you may be currently facing.  Let's do this together!

Membership Benefits:

Full Research-Based Exercise Programs: You have access to all of them! 

We currently have 3: Mass Building, Weightloss, and Fit in 30.  We will release new programs regularly, and members will have access to the new programs as they are released.

These full programs come with guides and options for nutrition, demonstrations for every exercise used, and injury-prevention tips and exercises.

Self-Treatment Guide: Access to our ever-growing library of guides that show you how to treat your pain and musculoskeletal limitations.  Members can also make requests for any specific areas they need help with, and we will create a guide for it!

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shin splint treatment guide.png

Q & A With Doctors of Physical Therapy: This forum is where we can connect with you to address any pain or limitations, modify programs, and address your specific needs.  You will have doctors of physical therapy at your fingertips for advice on any questions that you may have pertaining to health and wellness!

NEW!  Elite Membership

Virtual Coaching from Doctors of Physical Therapy: Custom-made fitness programs to meet your individual goals. This includes Weekly Updates with videos and progressions to your program to keep you on track, and open communication so that adjustments can be made accordingly.

Full Access to Membership Content:  You also have full access to all of our Membership Plan content

Become an Exclusive Member!

  • Membership Plan

    Every month
    • Exercise Programs
    • Self Treatment Guide
    • Q & A With Doctors of Physical Therapy
  • Elite Membership

    Every month
    • Virtual Coaching
    • Weekly Custom Updates to Your Program
    • Full Access to Membership Content
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