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A Book, A Bike, and A Barbell

Five-thirty in the morning comes early. It always does. I crawl out of bed trying not to wake my wife and daughter (or our new puppy), and brew a 10 ounce cup of Joe with 5g of creatine plus a lid full of heavy cream to cut the bitterness. I do not particularly like early mornings. They tend to remind me of the “Breakfast Club” in college when our coaches would make us wake up at 5:30am every morning to do conditioning drills just to see who was in shape and would quit before the season started (and trust me people did quit.) No, I'd prefer to wake up naturally with the sunlight like nature intended. Instead I’ve chosen to wake up to the slowly building alarm sound of Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar. (What can I say? It makes me smile.) Even though I do not have to start my day until a little before 8AM I choose to get up earlier and I do so with intention. By doing so, I check off 2 key elements of my daily routine. Learning and Exercise. I grab my freshly brewed coffee and crack open a book. I’m currently reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Stephen Covey (I’m late I know). The majority of my books are of this nature. Something that will help me get better at perceived weaknesses.. I usually read for 30 minutes before heading out to my shed for a workout. I turn-on SportsCenter for some noise and start pedaling away. I do 16-20 minutes of biking working through some sprint / rest / sprint intervals after a light warm-up. Then it’s on to the barbell. I only do one lift for about 10-15 minutes. It’s different everyday. Usually alternating between upper and lower body . I start light and work my way up to something heavy resting half a minute or so between sets. My last set is always max repetition at a given weight, sometimes shooting for 30, other times shooting for 1 heavy rep. It’s simple. It’s effective. And most importantly I enjoy it. I enjoy it more so in the evenings when all I have to do is be a good husband and father in the remaining evening hours until the cycle repeats itself the following day. If you find yourself struggling to find a routine that works for you. Something you enjoy. Something that will help you reach your goals in life whatever they may be. Drop us a line and see if we can help. Until then.

Keep It Moving,


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Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown
14. lokak. 2021

Great stuff, Adam

I'll share my routine in a blog post in the near future as well. We definitely have some different preferences on how we work out but I definitely learn a lot from some of the things that you do.


13. lokak. 2021

The simple and effective are the ones that last!!

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