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Hip Capsule Tightness, Hip Internal Rotation, and Shoulder Internal Rotation


The weekly recap is where we share some gems of information about some interesting, and sometimes common, things that we have seen in the clinic or training session throughout the week. We share these real-life treatment strategies, insights, and discussion on how to treat these ailments to get you or a loved one back in action!

Patient #1: Female, 20s, coming to PT with pain in both hips. Pain was provoked with quadrant to the medial side. She was young and had no injury to the hips, so this was a great indicator that it was just anterior hip impingement. We used posterior hip mobilizations with banded lateral distraction to loosen the hips and provide relief. This exercise should be done for 2 minutes, 3x/day. Try the standard version and the externally rotated version as seen in the video.

Patient #2: Male, 20s, with low back pain and hip pain. I observed his squat and noticed that he got stuck just above parallel, feeling like he was hitting a solid “block” and actually pushed his knees out much wider than his feet (excessive hip external rotation). We laid him on his back and tested his hip internal range of motion. He had exactly 0 degrees of hip internal range of motion. Normal hip internal range of motion should be between 40 - 60 degrees. We performed the 90/90 hip stretch and retested the squat to see a deeper, better aligned squat. He also reported immediate relief of symptoms in the low back and hips. If your squat is limited check your hip internal rotation. Have a buddy rotate your leg as seen in the picture below to see if you have any available hip rotation.

Patient #3: High school baseball players with pain during high velocity throwing. Both missing shoulder internal rotation as primary finding, no major strength deficits. Banded bully and posterior capsule stretch were prescribed prior to their usual band warm-up. At the one week check-up neither pitcher had pain with their most recent pitching debut. Perform the banded bully and posterior shoulder capsule stretch each for 10 second hold for 10 reps.

See the video below for the full recap with explanations and demonstrations of exercises! Use the chapters in the video to navigate to different parts of the video for future reference.

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