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Life Hack: Super Slow Training

By Dr. Adam Carter, DPT, CF-L2, CSCS

Need another workout that requires minimal time and minimal equipment yet is super effective. I got just what the doctor ordered. Enter super slow training. I regularly do this type of workout on active rest days or days when I’m strapped for time. The protocol is simple. Ninety seconds of super slow movement and ninety seconds of rest. Choose one upper body push, one upper body pull, and one lower body movement and repeat two times. The total workout time is 16.5 minutes. Not too bad. And if you pick the right resistance or movement (if you’re not using weights), the muscle pump will be tremendous. My bodyweight exercises of choice are push-ups, modified pull-ups, and goblet squats. If ’m in the gym and have access to machines I do chest press, seated rows, and leg press. Try it out and let me know what you think. Let us know if you have questions.

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