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Smoking and Pain

By Dr. Adam Carter, DPT, CF-L2, CSCS

Smoking and Pain

As a clinician who regularly deals with pain, I am always looking for factors that may be contributing to a person’s pain experience and ways to help them mitigate those factors. A lot of times we fail as clinicians to look at things other than movement-based or pathoanatomical dysfunction as sources of pain. I came across a neat article recently that talked about the association between smoking and pain. This highlights the fact that lifestyle factors play a huge role in why someone may be in pain, especially chronic (long-standing) pain, and why we need to address these lifestyle factors in order to fully address the patient’s pain response. Smoking is a different animal. I usually do not try to talk someone out of smoking. Most people already they should not be doing it. Rather I try to tie it into a common goal. If they are serious enough about relieving their longstanding pain then maybe just maybe they will give up smoking if only for a whilel. Some other things that are not regularly addressed in a patients pain experience are sleep habits, nutritional status, stress mangement, social relationships, and beliefs/expectations about their situation. Click on our Start Here tab for more information to get started on those areas and then check out the article attached for more details on smoking and pain. As always drop us a line in the comment section if you have any questions?

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