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Supplemental Exercise Program

We often times see athletes who can lift incredible weights and perform outstanding feats of athletic ability with their large prime movers, but their smaller stabilizing musculature is weak or under-initiated, or perhaps they have some tightness or limitation that is causing a limitation in their movement patterns. This can leave them prone to injury, loss of play time, and they may actually be leaving performance on the table. We want athletes to keep lifting and playing their entire lives with minimal injury. This is why we have created the supplemental exercise program to go along with your normal exercise routine.  This will help you train accessory and stabilizing muscles in a manner which helps mitigate injury and improve performance. We have designed these exercises to fit easily into your routine, where you can slip in one set of each exercise during your rest period between sets. These exercises address problem areas that we find the most often in athletes. 

Example: Perform one set of squats, and during your 2-3 minute rest, perform Banded Dorsiflexion Stretch on the right for 30 seconds and then Banded Dorsiflexion Stretch on the Left for 30 seconds.  Complete all sets using this pattern, and then move on to the next exercise.  The next set you may be performing Hamstring Curls.  Between sets you will perform a set of Sidelying Clamshells 15x5sec hold on each side, and repeat this process with a new accessory exercise for each main exercise for the day.  This keeps you moving and helps to maximize your ability to make gains on support muscle groups and mobility during your workout time without over-taxing your prime movers.

Leg Day

  • Banded Dorsiflexion Stretch x30 second hold each

  • Sidelying Clamshell 15x5 second hold each

  • Forefoot **************

  • Couch Stretch 3x15 second hold each

  • Hip Internal Rotation Stretch x30 second hold

Push/Chest Day

  • Sleeper Stretch 3x15 second hold each

  • Cable or Band External Rotation x20 each

  • Shoulder Extension Stretch 3x15 second hold each

  • Cable or Band Internal Rotation x20 each

  • Pec Minor Corner Stretch 3x15 second hold

Back/Pull Day

  • Prone T x20 each

  • Kneeling Lat Stretch x30 seconds

  • Prone Y x20 each

  • Cervical Retraction x20

  • Thoracic Extension x20

Other/Core/Cardio day

  • Prone Lumbar Press Ups

Addressing Muscle Strains

  • Nordic Curls, Reverse Nordic Curls, Copenhagen Planks, Reverse Thrower

  • Also see our Self Treatment Guide for more information on self-treating your injuries.  Also ask us questions in the Q & A about any specific injury you are wanting to get treatment for.

check Supple Leopard for needed motion in each category

Mobility: shoulder IR, hip IR, thoracic extension

Strength: shoulder ER, Hip abductors, mid trap, low trap, forefoot

Muscle Strains:

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