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Squat Technique

Deadlift Technique

Bench Press Technique

Shoulder Press Technique

Squat Tips

1. Tripod foot contact

2. Grip the ground with      big toe

3. Brace core

4. Hips and knees bend at same time

5. Knees track outside of ankles on descent

6. Hip crease below knees at bottom

7. Full extension at top

Deadlift Tips

1. Keep core braced and spine neutral

2. Hip width stance, hands just outside hips

3. Shins remain as vertical as possible

4. Hips and shoulders rise at the same time

5. Keep the bar as close to the shins/legs as possible

Bench Press Tips

1. Shins vertical

2. Shoulder blades squeezed together

3. Slight arch in back

4. Bend the bar with your grip

5. Forearms vertical

5. Core Tight

6. Don't flare out the elbows

7. Don't lift hips off the bench

Shoulder Press Tips

1. Keep core tight

2. Shoulder blades braced down and back

3. Retract your neck as the bar comes in front of your face so the path goes straight up

4. Arms at full range of motion overhead in line with the ears at the top

5. Don't shove your head forward at the end

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